Ocean Risk Management Program

Friday, Jun 11, 2021 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

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Leader: Garrett Kababik

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Learn, review, and sharpen open ocean guiding and instructing skills with this exclusive program. This is a specific training program for kayak, SUP, and surf guides who lead groups in open-ocean and flatwater conditions.

Risk is an inherent part of the activities that guides partake in and this course specifically discusses ways in which to reduce risk, but also assess the parameters behind “acceptable risk.”


This is the core concept behind the ORMP and there will be several class discussions regarding risk management and the practical application while leading groups on the ocean.


Even the most active and thoughtful preventative programs sometimes find themselves managing an emergency situation. The actions taken during an emergency are critical and must be practiced for a guide to feel comfortable with this skill set. Each participant will be placed in a scenario that will teach the following skills:

  • Preventative practices
  • Emergency response
  • Group management
  • Emergency follow-up

Part of this program includes practical skills for kayak, SUP, and surf instructors. Some of the skills taught, practiced, and assessed include:

  • Pre-trip planning
  • Communications and signals
  • Leading groups through navigable water-ways
  • Rescues and assists
  • Launching and landing

Planning: Due to the amount of time spent on and in the ocean, it is highly recommended that participants bring a 3/4 wetsuit (2/3 wetsuits are provided) and plenty of warm clothing.

Successful Completion: Participants that successfully complete the ORMP will be issued a program completion certificate. If you are interested in working for CIO as a guide you must complete this ORMP before you will be considered for employment and further training.

Fitness Test: Participants must all complete a mandatory physical fitness test that includes running and swimming in full gear. Participants that cannot complete this test will not be able to continue and will receive a full refund.